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Highland Dog Bakery


3 Pig Ears


Ingredient: 100% Pork - Nothing Added

100 grams


Pig Ears are a delicious reward or treat for your dog and are naturally air-dried at a low temperature to retain all the natural nutrients and goodness.


Believe it or not, Pig Ears are naturally low in fat, this is because they made from cartilage. Because of this have have very similar health benefits to our chicken feet, because they contain high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. You may wonder why this is so good? Well if you have ever bought expensive joint supplements for your dogs, you are likely to find both of these high on the list of ingredients. They are an integral part of healthy joint cartilage. So our pigs ears are beneficial for joint problems such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. However, the benefits of our feet don't end there! These are a great product to keep your dogs' teeth clean too. So if you are looking for a treat for your dog with these health benefits when your dog cannot eat chicken/poultry, these or our Cow Ears may just be the answer for you!
Please note; there is a lot of misconception regarding feeding bones and cartliage to dogs. These are safe to give your dog as a treat, as part of a well-balanced diet, because like all our treats they are air-dried. This means our ears are not cooked. So when your dog enjoys this tasty treat the cartliage in these ears crush and crumble, they are soft and easy to chew. However, bones and cartliage that have been cooked in any way can be lethal to dogs. When they are cooked, boiled or fried they become brittle and can snap easily, causing life-threatening injuries to your dog. Please don't take that chance, everyone loves treating their dog, so please do it responsibly.


Highland Dog Bakery products are sourced from free-range sustainable farms from the Highland's of Scotland.


Mother Nature can be incredible. Not only are we blessed to be able to own incredible dogs, but she provided us with all the natural ingredients we need to care for them. At Highland Dog Bakery, we take these natural ingredients along with our expert knowledge in Canine Nutrition and create delicious, simple, natural and healthy treats for your dog, that we guarantee they will love. 


All Highland Dog Bakery treats should be given as part of a well-balanced diet, fresh drinking water should always be readily available, and dogs should be supervised when given any treat or toy.


While all our products are carefully produced by a Canine Nutrition expert to ensure that every dog's health and well-being benefits from our products, we are not veterinarians,  should you feel your dog is unwell or has been for more than 24 hours please seek proper veterinary medical attention for them.

Pig ears ( 3 per pack )

SKU: 10
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